Openstack integration with NSX-T

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Tue Jan 19 00:34:58 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-18 13:32:01 +0000 (+0000), ali ali wrote:
> I use Openstack train version and I want to integrate openstack
> with nsx-t. I only found the following documentation.
> is it basicly possible to integrate openstack train or ussuri or
> victoryia with nsx-t?

According to that documentation provided by vmWare:

    "The NSX-T Data Center Plugin for OpenStack has the following
    specific requirements[...] Stein"

It looks like they'll need to provide updated packages which support
newer OpenStack releases. In particular, they seem to want OpenStack
packages run with the Python v2 interpreter, while modern releases
of OpenStack only support Python v3 (hence the different package
names you found in your distro).

If you have a support contract with vmWare, you may want to reach
out to your service representative and ask them what their plans are
for NSX-T and OpenStack.

I see the same site has documentation for a "VMware NSX-T Data
Center Plugin 3.1" and mentions OpenStack Train, so maybe that's
closer to what you need? Still doesn't take care of Ussuri for you
Jeremy Stanley
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