Ospurge or "project purge" - What's the right approach to cleanup projects prior to deletion

Christian Rohmann christian.rohmann at inovex.de
Mon Jan 18 16:24:27 UTC 2021

Hello Openstack-Discuss,

I was wondering what the right approach to clean up all resources of a 
project was in order for it to be deleted?

1) There is ospurge (https://opendev.org/x/ospurge) which works, but 
seems kind of abandoned looking at the last commits and pending issues 
Will there still be any further development of this tool?

2) Then there is the project purge command 
introduced with the
Pike release 
// https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-openstackclient/+bug/1584596 // 

While it seems only natural to have the cleanup / purge functionality 
built into the openstack client, I was wondering  .. .

a) if all potentially existing resources types are covered and this can 
fully replace ospurge to allow any project to be cleaned up and deleted? 
What about i.e. Networks, Containers or objects?

b) Also ospurge seems to still have some extended options to target or 
exclude certain resources by using the following options:

> [--resource 
> {Backups,Snapshots,Volumes,Zones,Images,Stacks,FloatingIPs,RouterInterfaces,Routers,Ports,Networks,SecurityGroups,Servers,LoadBalancers,Receivers,Policies,Clusters,Profiles,Objects,Containers}]
> [--exclude-resource 
> {Backups,Snapshots,Volumes,Zones,Images,Stacks,FloatingIPs,RouterInterfaces,Routers,Ports,Networks,SecurityGroups,Servers,LoadBalancers,Receivers,Policies,Clusters,Profiles,Objects,Containers}]

those options are not (yet) available for the "project purge" command of 
the openstack client.

With regards,


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