Trying to resolve 2 deprecation warnings

shubjero shubjero at
Thu Jan 14 19:59:16 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I am trying to resolve two deprecation warnings which I've not been
able to locate exactly what package or file is causing them.

We are running OpenStack Train on Ubuntu 18.04

The log entries are found in /etc/apache2/cinder_error.log :
2021-01-06 15:54:05.332604
DeprecationWarning: Policy enforcement is depending on the value of
is_admin. This key is deprecated. Please update your policy file to
use the standard policy values.

2021-01-06 15:54:20.147590
DeprecationWarning: The behavior of AcceptValidHeader.best_match is
currently being maintained for backward compatibility, but it will be
deprecated in the future, as it does not conform to the RFC.

Any help on what needs to be changed/removed/updated/upgraded would be


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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