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Daniel Macdonald D.R.MacDonald at salford.ac.uk
Fri Jan 8 14:57:09 UTC 2021

Happy new year Openstack users and devs!

I have been trying on and off for several months to get octavia working but I have yet to have it successfully create a loadbalancer. I have deployed OS bionic-train using the Charms telemetry bundle with the octavia overlay. Openstack is working for creating regular instances but I get various errors when trying to create a loadbalancer.

The first issue I feel I should mention is that I am using bind running on our MAAS controller as a DNS server. juju doesn't work if I enable IPv6 under bind yet the octavia charm defaults to using IPv6 for its management network so I have tried creating a IPv4 management network but I'm still having problems. For more details on that please see the comments of this bug report:

Bug #1897418 “feature request: have option to use ipv4 when sett...” : Bugs : OpenStack Octavia Charm<https://bugs.launchpad.net/charm-octavia/+bug/1897418>
By default, Octavia charm uses ipv6 for its lb-mgmt-subnet.[1] It would be nice to have the option to choose an ipv4 network from the start instead of deleting the ipv6 network and recreating the ipv4 subnet. Implementation - possible configuration option parameter when deploying. [1] https://opendev.org/openstack/charm-octavia/src/branch/master/src/lib/charm/openstack/api_crud.py#L560

Another notable issue I have is that after installing the charms telemetry bundle I have 2 projects call services. How do I know which is the correct one to use for Octavia?

Is this following document going to be the best guide for me to follow to complete the final steps required to get Octavia (under Train) working:

OpenStack Docs: Install and configure for Ubuntu<https://docs.openstack.org/octavia/latest/install/install-ubuntu.html#install-and-configure-components>
Install and configure for Ubuntu¶. This section describes how to install and configure the Load-balancer service for Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS).

I'm hoping someone has already written an easy to follow guide to using Octavia with an IPv4 management network using the Charms bundle to do most of the installation work?


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