[kolla-ansible] Upgrading and skipping a release?

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Wed Jan 6 08:58:36 UTC 2021

On Wed, 6 Jan 2021 at 01:45, Eric K. Miller <emiller at genesishosting.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We're working on some upgrades of OpenStack deployed with Kolla Ansible (Stein and later), and wasn't sure if it was practical or possible to upgrade, say, from Stein to Victoria, or Train to Victoria, directly, instead of upgrading in 3 steps from Stein->Train->Ussuri->Victoria.  Any reason skipping a release will cause any known harm?  Anybody done this successfully?

Hi Eric. What you're referring to is a fast-forward upgrade [1]. This
is not officially supported by Kolla Ansible, and not something we
test upstream. There was an effort a few years ago to implement it,
but it stalled. The test matrix does increase somewhat when you allow
FFUs, which is why I believe many projects such as Tripleo define
supported FFU jumps. One thing in particular that may catch you out is
some DB migrations or cleanup processes that happen at runtime may not
get executed.

In short, I'd suggest going one release at a time. It's a pain, but
upgrades in Kolla are relatively sane.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fast_forward_upgrades#:~:text=9%20Gotchas-,What%20is%20a%20Fast%20Forward%20Upgrade%3F,to%20your%20desired%20final%20version.


> Thanks!
> Eric

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