Need core reviewers for sqlalchemy-migrate

Thomas Goirand thomas at
Fri Feb 26 22:17:49 UTC 2021

On 2/24/21 2:42 PM, Stephen Finucane wrote:
> Regarding the initial question, @zigo you can add me to core for sqlalchemy-
> migrate but with the caveat that I won't be sticking around to maintain it long-
> term.

Thanks, you're in!

I also removed people I know have given-up interest in sqla-migrate
(like Matt Riedmann, Chuck Short). Is Michael Still around, or should I
remove him too?

> This library is now a liability and project need to move off of it.

Yeah! Let's kill it.

> The
> combo of Nova, Glance and Cinder patch series that I'm proposing should get us a
> long way there and will serve as a blueprint for other project, so there isn't
> really a reason this can't happen in any healthy project over the next cycle.

There's also Heat, that uses migrate, if I'm not mistaking. IMO that's
also a core project.

Appart from it, there's also:
- Desginate
- Senlin
- Trove

I don't think there's anyone else that still uses it, so that's 4 core
projects, and 3 "less core" projects.

I based my survey out of the Debian dependency list, hopefully that
doesn't include a mistake.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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