Neutron DVR Public IP usage

Arnaud Morin arnaud.morin at
Sun Feb 28 12:06:48 UTC 2021


What we do on our side is that we create a subnet with specific
service_type on our public network.
That way, neutron will take an IP from this pool instead of the "public"

Extract from a script that I use:

# Add a private subnet in this public network
# The service-type network:floatingip_agent_gateway
# will let IPAM give IP from this subnet for FIP namespaces
# This is used to reduce number of public IP on neutron DVR
# Note that we still need to set a valid next-hop gateway
# ($GATEWAY here)
openstack subnet create \
 --network public \
 --subnet-range \
 --gateway $GATEWAY \
 --no-dhcp \
 --service-type 'network:floatingip_agent_gateway' \

Hope it helps.


Arnaud Morin

On 27.02.21 - 21:10, Satish Patel wrote:
> Folks,
> Many years ago I deployed DVR (distributed virtual router) with
> packstack and found it required public IPs on each computes node +
> SNAT IPs, now the question is if i have 300 compute nodes then how do
> i deploy DVR with /24 public subnet which i have. If my cloud computes
> are going to eat up my all public IP then who is going to deploy DVR?
> In short, DVR is a bad idea for public clouds until IPv6 takes over
> the world, am I missing something?

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