[security-sig] Broken Security Link on Website and general bad discoverability of security related information

Sven Kieske S.Kieske at mittwald.de
Fri Feb 26 14:43:01 UTC 2021

Thanks for all the detailed answers and for forwarding
the message to the appropriate people.

I'm aware that upstream openstack is not really a "distribution", guess
I was just sloppy with my wording, apologies for that.

Also thanks for correcting my assumption that openstack
was directly shipping code which I thought to be vulnerable.

From my initial reading I thought that e.g. the tornado
webserver was vulnerable directly and when I found the redhat/suse
sites claiming that their openstack releases where affected I thought
this must have a different meaning, than just using a vulnerable python version,
as the bugs in the python implementation are listed separately on these pages.

Of course tornado only gets installed via pip/third party repositories, so
if the upstreams get fixed no further action is needed.

Thanks for all your input, it's much appreciated.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Regards

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