Moving ara code review to GitHub

David Moreau Simard dmsimard at
Thu Feb 25 17:19:22 UTC 2021

Hi openstack-discuss, long time no see o/

I've long dreaded doing this and sending this email out because I know
how the community feels about proprietary platforms and I value the
four opens that the OpenStack community has taught me so much about.

I've recently reached out and asked if people would be more likely to
contribute to ara if pull requests were possible [1] and had a number
of potential contributors interested.

Don't get me wrong: I still like OpenStack (have a cloud in my
basement!) and personally prefer the Gerrit change workflow to the one
on GitHub.
However, I've come to the conclusion that my personal preferences
should not be a barrier to contribution and so for the health and
sustainability of the project I'll move the code review for ara to
GitHub leveraging Ansible's Zuul deployment [2] for CI.

The truth is that ara never had many contributors and the few that
were interested were often discouraged by the process involved in
signing up and sending a change through Gerrit.
It broke my heart to see a pull request being automatically closed
with a template by an OpenStack bot.
It broke my heart to have to tell people that they must jump through
several hoops to send a patch.
I was forever grateful every single time that someone actually went
through the process and managed to get a patch merged with or without
my help.

For more than five years already, I've done my best to salvage these
contributions and ask for help but at the end of the day, most of the
Ansible community projects are on GitHub and it has weighed down on me
heavily to battle this inertia.
Frankly, it has been exhausting and even depressing sometimes.

I'm thankful for the OpenStack (and OpenDev) communities for hosting
the project until now and hope to continue talking to you on freenode
-- you can find me in #ara amongst many other channels.

See you around !


David Moreau Simard
dmsimard = [irc, github, twitter]

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