[ALL] [infra] [QA] RHEL in upstream first party ci. aka RHEL for Open Source Infrastructure

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Thu Feb 25 15:02:27 UTC 2021

Hi o/
im not involed with this announcement that happened a few minutes ago but
redhat has just annouched RHEL for Open Source Infrastructure

it is avaiable for all opensouce communities to build infrastucture and and ci systems with.
Before the the recent centos stream annoucnments we had discussed the posiblity of useing CentOS 8 in ci
more widely in nova but we dropped that idea when teh recent changes happened.

at first glance this looks like a program that would allow the first party ci to use RHEL instead of centos
for our testing and development so i wanted to start a thread on this before we select our supported runtimes
for xena.

unfortuntelly there is a throwawy comment at the end of the press release that 
"We realize this program doesn’t cover situations where open source projects are using Public CI infrastructure provided by third-parties."
im not sure if they are referring to things like travis or if it means we cannot build image ourselves and deploy them to vm on third praty clouds
which donated infrastructure to the community to use to host the first party ci.

that is something that would have to be clarifed with rosi-program at redhat.com to confirm but at the very least i wanted to highlihgt this to people
so that we can at lest disucss if should/can utilize the program or not to provide rhel images in the first party ci or not.

im not actully advocating for swtich jobs to rhel, it might make sense for tripleo or some other projects and it might be
nice to have the ablity to run one or two jobs out of a set of jobs for a give porject on multiple operationg systems but
thsi is more an attempt to evaluate if this is relevent to our comunity or not.


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