[ops][victoria][trove] Problems running Trove

Lingxian Kong anlin.kong at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 10:02:36 UTC 2021

Hi Dominic,

Ammad is right, you can ignore the "dumpe2fs" command error,
trove-guestagent just raises the error when the data storage is initialized
for the first time.

The warning message "No such container: database" could also be
ignored, trove-guestagent is checking if the database container is already
running before creating a new one.

You need to scroll down to look for the real error, maybe you can paste the
trove-guestagent log so we could help you.

Lingxian Kong
Senior Cloud Engineer (Catalyst Cloud)
Trove PTL (OpenStack)
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On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 5:53 PM Ammad Syed <syedammad83 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I think filesystem error is ignorable as trove guest agent first check the
> existence of filesystem in attached block device.
> The second error looks like its enable to find container image in docker
> hub. Could you please check the name of datastore and version.
> Currently only mysql mariadb and postgresql are supported.
> Review below link this will be helpful.
> https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Ubuntu_20.04&p=openstack_victoria4&f=15
> - Ammad
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 6:13 AM <DHilsbos at performair.com> wrote:
>> All;
>> I've had a number of issues getting Trove to run for us, though I've
>> worked through most of them (lots of network problems...).
>> I now have the Nova instance starting, and it reaches out to the
>> cluster's RabbitMQ instance.
>>  I'm getting these errors logged in /var/log/trove/trove-guestagent.log
>> inside the Nova instance:
>> ERROR trove.guestagent.volume '/dev/vdb' was not formatted.:
>> oslo.concurrency.processutils.ProcessExecutionError: Unexpected error while
>> running command.
>> Command: sudo dumpe2fs /dev/vdb
>> Exit code: 1
>> Stdout: "Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.\n"
>> Stderror: 'dumpe2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open
>> /dev/vdb\n'
>> Farther down, I get this:
>> WARNING trove.guestagent.utils.docker [-] Failed to get container
>> database: docker.errors.NotFound: 404 Client Error: Not Found ("No such
>> container: database")
>> There are a number of similar errors, all indicating that it can't get
>> the Docker files from somewhere.
>> I'm not sure if the first is an actual issue.  Wouldn't the current Trove
>> setup expect it's data storage add-on volume to be blank initially?
>> The second suggests that I still have a network issue, most likely
>> routing, as the Nova instance thinks it has 2 routes to the internet, but
>> only one works.
>> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
>> Dominic L. Hilsbos, MBA
>> Director - Information Technology
>> Perform Air International Inc.
>> DHilsbos at PerformAir.com
>> www.PerformAir.com
>> --
> Regards,
> Syed Ammad Ali
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