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Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Feb 19 22:11:37 UTC 2021

On 2021-02-19 16:51:47 -0500 (-0500), Peter Matulis wrote:
> Thanks. Where would I find data for the projects listed under
> 'project-deploy-guide' [1] or do all those fall under 'openstack'?
> [1]: https://static.opendev.org/docs/project-deploy-guide/

The reports Clark mentioned are site-specific (so docs.opendev.org,
docs.openstack.org, docs.starlingx.io, zuul-ci.org and so on). The
one he linked to is the report for all of docs.openstack.org, and
the entries you're asking about are simply different subpaths of
that same site:


(looks like there's also an old OpenStack-Ansible directory in there
with only a draft build from 2016, that should probably get cleaned
Jeremy Stanley
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