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Kendall Nelson kennelson11 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 22:50:13 UTC 2021

Hello Everyone!

    As you might have seen, there was a ML post[1] earlier this year/end of
last year discussing openinfra -ing some of our openstack channels to make
them more inclusive. The process is almost done!

We now have the follow channels in place:

   - #openinfra (to replace #openstack-foundation)

   - #openinfra-board (to replace #openstack-board)

   - #openinfra-events (to replace #openstack-ptg, #openstack-forum,
   #openstack-summit, and #openinfra-summit )

   - #openinfra-diversity (ro replace #openstack-diversity)

Our last step is to kick people from the old channels which we plan to do
at the end of the month. All the archives for the old channels remain on
eavesdrop here[2].

We have setup redirects so that when people try to join the old channels,
they will now be directed to the new ones. See you in open infra land!

-Kendall (diablo_rojo) & fungi

[2] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/
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