Proposing Flavio Fernandes (flaviof) for ovsdbapp core

Jakub Libosvar jlibosva at
Mon Feb 15 09:36:26 UTC 2021

+1 from me :) Flavio rocks

On 12/02/2021 18:49, Terry Wilson wrote:
> Flavio has been helping out with ovsdbapp a great deal and I would
> like to nominate him for ovsdbapp-core. He's written some great code
> and reviews and will be an asset to the team.
> Historically, I've just added people who were contributing directly,
> but seeing as ovsdbapp has moved past 1.0 I thought I'd go ahead and
> follow official procedures this time. ;)
> Existing team members, please respond with +1/-1. Thanks!
> Terry

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