Self service networks + IPV6 with provider range

Maxence Sartiaux sartiaux at
Tue Feb 16 08:39:26 UTC 2021


I am installing an openstack infrastructure but i have an issue with the 
selfservice networks and the ipv6

On my provider network i have the fddd:3138:5d15:18::/64 subnet which is 
my local server range.

I've managed to make the ipv6 works in a SLAAC-SLAAC configuration with 
a second /64 subnet (fddd:3138:5d15:180::/64) and a static route in my 
switches (by defining the provider subnet + gateway and selfservice subnet)

But my question is : Is it possible to use the "none - slaac" mode (or 
other) in my selfservice network with the "provider range" 
fddd:3138:5d15:18::/64 and let my external router advertise the RA for 
the openstack instances ? Or is it only possible on a "provider" network 
without a neutron router ?

Just like that i don't have to create a second subnet for each vlan we have.

I hope it's understandable.


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