[Interop, Users] listing interop results

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Dell Customer Communication - Confidential

Answers inline.
By the way we have weekly meeting on interop/refstack and all discussions are recorded on

  Every Fridays at 1700 UTC <http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?hour=17&min=00&sec=0> on https://meetpad.opendev.org/Interop-WG-weekly-meeting
         for this specific meeting

Current Meeting Logs on etherpad - https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/interop

Organizer  (to contact for more information): Arkady Kanevsky
Committee Members Include:
Prakash Ramchandran / Arkady Kanevsky
Co-chairs - Mark Voelker,  Ghanshyam Mann (TC member)

For Governance  information, please refer to the wiki page at: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/InteropWG

Also not sure where we record PTL for Interop but it is not where PTLs for all other projects are recorded.
Prakash transferred PTL to me  but he is still core in the group.


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Hi Arkady,

Some additional questions...

  1.  Are the new add-ons already part of Interop testing?  IOW, how would we know which companies qualified?
Yes. Two of them have been around for about 3 years, and FileSystem (manila) was added in 2020.11 guidelines.

  1.  Are you thinking these new add-ons should qualify as part of an existing logo program (e.g. one of the powereds) or they would have their own logo?
They are part of the same guideline definition. Thus, they are part of the same Logo program. If you look at https://refstack01.openstack.org/#/ you see that both DNS and Orchestration add-ons are already  covered. FileSystem is in progress to be added.

  1.  The "Tested" area where you're suggesting we add these is pretty crowded as it is.  Would want to be sure I understand #2 above before deciding if this is the best spot.  Would want to work with our design team after we see what we're dealing with.
Sure. For both core logos and add-ons the same guidelines should be used. Thus, I am proposing to enhance

TESTED OpenStack Powered Compute 2020.06 ->

TESTED OpenStack Powered Compute, DNS & Orchestration  2020.06

But if it easier to do multiple lines or something else we can consider any option as long we list add-ons.

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Dell Customer Communication - Confidential


How hard it will be to implement proposal below?

Market place pages are maintained by Foundation.



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Subject: [Interop, Users] listing interop results

Dell Customer Communication - Confidential


We are reviewing our openstack interop program.

We have 3 base "certifications" for interop that cloud vendors can submit and foundation list on marketplace https://www.openstack.org/marketplace/ :

  1.  Openstack Powered Storage

  1.  OpenStack Powered Compute

  1.  OpenStack Powered Platform (combines both compute and storage)
These can be viewed as the core. And there are 3 add-on programs for specific projects of openstack:

  1.  DNS (Designate)

  1.  Orchestration (Heat)

  1.  Shared-File-System (Manila)

We have 4 categories of clouds that use interop programs and list their offering with interoperability results and logo:

  1.  Remotely managed private clouds - https://www.openstack.org/marketplace/remotely-managed-private-clouds/


     *   The latest interop guidelines listed there is 2019.11 and most are from 2017-2018

     *   All used OpenStack Powered Platform

     *   Vexxhost listed without listing what guidelines they used. (Jimmy can you pull what they had submitted and update their entry)

  1.  Distros and Appliances - https://www.openstack.org/marketplace/distros/ :


     *   These seems to be updated most often. Several used the latest 2020.06 guidelines

     *   There are usage of all 3 core logos.

     *   No add-on logos listed

  1.  Hosted Private Clouds - https://www.openstack.org/marketplace/hosted-private-clouds/ :


     *   There is one entry that uses 2020.06 guidelines but most are 2016-2018.

     *   Most for Powered Platform and one for Powered Compute

  1.  Public Cloud - https://www.openstack.org/marketplace/public-clouds/ :


     *   There is one entry that uses 2020.06 guidelines but most are 2016-2018.

     *   Mixture of Powered Platform and Powered Compute

I will skip the question on the value of Marketplace program as it will be discussed separately in newly formed temporary WG under foundation to review/define Open Infrastructure Branding and Trademark policy.

We need to address the issue on how to list add-ons for current openstack marketplace program.

The simplest way is to add to "TESTED" OpenStack Powered Platform/Compute/Storage also add-ons that vendors passed.

In the detailed section we already listing what APIs and services supported and which version.

So do not see any changes needed there.

Comments and suggestions please?


Arkady Kanevsky, Ph.D.

SP Chief Technologist & DE

Dell EMC office of CTO

Dell Inc. One Dell Way, MS PS2-91

Round Rock, TX 78682, USA

Phone: 512 7204955

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