[kolla][osa] Host network configuration tools

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Fri Feb 12 12:21:30 UTC 2021


We're working on adding Ubuntu support to Kayobe, and are at the stage
of deciding on which tool to use for host network configuration. The
Ansible role we use supports /etc/network/interfaces, but we're
thinking it might be sensible to choose something more modern before
we get locked in. There are 3 reasonable options, as far as we can

* netplan: installed by default on 20.04 server images. Seems like a
fairly simple solution, but I have read some reports of missing

* systemd-networkd: the default renderer for netplan. Standard systemd
style interface. We might get around the missing features by using
this directly.

* NetworkManager: the default on Ubuntu desktop, but have heard it can
be a bit heavy and does too much without being asked to. I've also
heard that more recent versions are improved. The main reason we would
go this route would be for consistency with CentOS/RHEL.

Any feedback of experience with these and their suitability for use in
OpenStack cloud infrastructure would be appreciated.


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