[tripleo][ci] socializing upstream job removal ( master upgrade, scenario010 )

Wesley Hayutin whayutin at redhat.com
Tue Feb 9 16:29:12 UTC 2021


Expect to see several of these emails as we propose additional items to
reduce the upstream resource footprint of TripleO.   The intent of the
email is to broadcast our general intent regarding specific ci jobs with
some details regarding the how and when things will happen.  Expect jobs to
be removed in a staged pragmatic manner.

Historical Context [1]

Please feel free to respond to this thread with your opinions.

First stage of TripleO's job reduction will be to remove most TripleO
upgrade jobs on master and remove all scenario010 octavia jobs from

*Upgrade jobs in master:*
All the upgrade jobs in master are non-voting based on policy and to give
the upgrade developers time to compensate for new developments and
features.   The feedback provided by CI can still occur in our periodic
jobs in RDO's software factory zuul.   Upgrade jobs will remain running in
periodic but removed from upstream.

Specifically:  ( master )

I'll note there is interest in keeping the undercloud-upgrade, however we
are able to remove all the upgrade jobs for a branch in the upstream we can
also remove a content-provider job.  I would encourage folks to consider
undercloud-upgrade for periodic only.

*Scenario010 - Octavia:*
Scenario010 octavia has been non-voting and not passing at a high enough
rate [2] to justify the use of upstream resources.   I would propose we
only run these jobs in the periodic component and integration lines in RDO

Specifically: ( all branches )

Please review and comment.  The CI team will start taking action on these
two items in one week.

Thank you!

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