[stein][neutron][vlan provider network] How to configure br-ex on virtual interface

roshan anvekar roshananvekar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 12:24:43 UTC 2021


Below is my scenario.

I am trying to use a single physical bonded interface ( example: bond1)
both for external TLS access traffic and for provider network too ( These
are 2 different vlan networks with separate vlan ids) . Bond0 is used as
api_interface for management traffic. Bond2 is used for storage traffic.

For this I created 2 virtual interfaces on this bond1 and used it
accordingly while deploying through kolla-ansible.

Before deployment the gateways for both vlan networks were accessible.

Post deployment I see that qdhcp-id router is created on one of the
controllers. Post creation of this DHCP agent, the gateway is inaccessible.

Also the vms created are not getting IPs through DHCP agent so failing to
be accessible.

I had configured br-ex on virtual interface of provider vlan network and
not on physical interface directly.

Please let me know if I am going wrong in my network configurations.

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