[keystone][osc]Strange behaviour of OSC in keystone MFA context

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalystcloud.nz
Wed Feb 3 00:45:05 UTC 2021

On 3/02/21 7:22 am, Artem Goncharov wrote:

> Hi
>> On 2. Feb 2021, at 01:43, Adrian Turjak <adriant at catalystcloud.nz 
>> <mailto:adriant at catalystcloud.nz>> wrote:
>> The biggest issue, and why this area never got much testing, is 
>> because it is effectively useless since you'd have to supply your MFA 
>> values EVERY command. Imagine how awful that would be for TOTP. The 
>> whole point of the MFA process in keystone with auth-receipt was a 
>> dynamic interactive login. Supplying the MFA upfront isn't that useful.
>> What the OSC really needs is a `login` command, that goes through a 
>> login process using the auth-receipts workflow from keystone (asks 
>> for password/totp) and sets some sort of state file. We can't set the 
>> environment variables of the parent shell process, so we'd have to go 
>> with a state/session file. But to avoid it clashing with other state 
>> files and terminal sessions we'd need some way to tag them by the 
>> parent process ID so you can login to more than one 
>> cloud/project/user/etc across multiple terminals.
> I guess we can do something about that. Recently Monty started and I 
> took over the patch for adding token caching in the keyring[1]. As 
> such it will not really help, but together with [2] and [3] we can use 
> authorisation caching on the OSC side. I was never really giving 
> priority to this, since in a regular use case it perhaps saves .5 - 1 
> second, what is not really noticeable (most time is wasted on 
> initialization). However in this context it might become really handy. 
> Feel free to trigger discussion if that looks important.
> And yes, I totally agree on the fact, that TOTP/MFA for scripting is a 
> total disaster, therefore nobody really uses it.
I definitely do think it is important, but then again so would getting 
MFA working in Horizon which I was planning to do, but circumstances 
beyond my control stopped me from doing that, and I didn't work on 
finding someone else to implement it.

If we did get it working on the CLI, then there might be more push to 
get it working on Horizon as well. How auth-receipts and MFA work is 
documented fairly well from memory, and we have a very clear error 
thrown that lets you build an interactive workflow for asking for the 
missing pieces of auth:

I can't find the time to implement anything here right now because of so 
much internal work, but anything related to MFA feel free to ping me or 
just outright add me as reviewer!

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