Ospurge or "project purge" - What's the right approach to cleanup projects prior to deletion

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalystcloud.nz
Tue Feb 2 07:40:22 UTC 2021

OH! As someone who tried to champion project termination at the API 
layer as a community goal during the Berlin summit, I love that someone 
ran with our idea of implementing it in the SDK as a starting point!

I still think we should champion a purge API for each service, but the 
SDK is definitely the place to handle dependencies, and I love that you 
are doing it in threads!

I'd be happy to review/test any code related to this both in the OSC and 
the SDK. I sadly haven't had time to help implement anything like this, 
but I will somehow find the time to review/test! And I look forward to 
one day throwing away our internal termination logic in favor of what's 
in the SDK!

On 20/01/21 2:16 am, Artem Goncharov wrote:
> Hi Christian.
> Actually the patch stuck due to lack of reviewers. Idea here was not 
> to replace “openstack project purge”, but to add a totally new 
> implementation (hopefully later dropping project purge as such). From 
> my POV at the moment there is nothing else I was thinking to 
> mandatorily implement on OSC side (sure, for future I would like to 
> give possibility to limit services to cleanup, to add cleanup of 
> key-airs, etc). SDK part is completely independent of that. Here we 
> definitely need to add dropping of private images. Also on DNS side we 
> can do cleanup. Other services are tricky (while swift we can still 
> implement relatively easy).
> All in all - we can merge the PR in it’s current form (assuming we get 
> some positive reviews).
> BG,
> Artem
>> On 19. Jan 2021, at 13:33, Christian Rohmann 
>> <christian.rohmann at inovex.de <mailto:christian.rohmann at inovex.de>> wrote:
>> Hey Artem,
>> thank you very much for your quick reply and pointer to the patchset 
>> you work on!
>> On 18/01/2021 20:14, Artem Goncharov wrote:
>>> Ha, thats exactly the case, the whole logic sits in sdk and is 
>>> spread across the supported services:
>>> - 
>>> https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/compute/v2/_proxy.py#L1798 
>>> <https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/compute/v2/_proxy.py#L1798> - 
>>> for compute. KeyPairs not dropped, since they belong to user, and 
>>> not to the “project”;
>>> - 
>>> https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/block_storage/v3/_proxy.py#L547 
>>> <https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/block_storage/v3/_proxy.py#L547> - 
>>> block storage;
>>> - 
>>> https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/orchestration/v1/_proxy.py#L490 
>>> <https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/orchestration/v1/_proxy.py#L490>
>>> - 
>>> https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/network/v2/_proxy.py#L4130 
>>> <https://opendev.org/openstack/openstacksdk/src/branch/master/openstack/network/v2/_proxy.py#L4130> - 
>>> the most complex one in order to give possibility to clean “old” 
>>> resource without destroying everything else
>>> Adding image is few lines of code (never had enough time to add it), 
>>> identity is a bit tricky, since also here mostly resources does not 
>>> belong to Project. DNS would be also easy to do. OSC here is only 
>>> providing I/F, while the logic sits in SDK and can be very easy 
>>> extended for other services.
>>>> On 18. Jan 2021, at 19:52, Thomas Goirand <zigo at debian.org 
>>>> <mailto:zigo at debian.org>> wrote:
>>>> On 1/18/21 6:56 PM, Artem Goncharov wrote:
>>>>> What do you mean it doesn’t implement anything at all? It does 
>>>>> clean up compute, network, block_storage, orchestrate resources. 
>>>>> Moreover it gives you possibility to clean “old” resources 
>>>>> (created before or last updated before).
>>>> Oh really? With that few lines of code? I'll re-read the patch then,
>>>> sorry for my bad assumptions.
>>>> Can you point at the part that's actually deleting the resources?
>> If I understood correctly, the cleanup relies on the SDK 
>> functionality / requirement for each resource type to provide a 
>> corresponding function( 
>> https://github.com/openstack/openstacksdk/blob/master/openstack/cloud/openstackcloud.py#L762) 
>> ?
>> Reading through the (SDK) code this even covers depending resources, 
>> nice!
>> I certainly will leave some feedback and comments in your change 
>> (https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/python-openstackclient/+/734485).
>> But what are your immediate plans moving forward on with this then, 
>> Artem?
>> There is a little todo list in the description on your change .. is 
>> there anything you yourself know that is still missing before taking 
>> this to a full review and finally merging it?
>> Only code that is shipped and then actively used will improve further 
>> and people will notice other required functionality or switches for 
>> later iterations. With the current state of having a somewhat working 
>> but unmaintained ospurge and a non feature complete "project purge"  
>> (supports only Block Storage v1, v2; Compute v2; Image v1, v2) this 
>> will only cause people to start hacking away on the ospurge codebase 
>> or worse building their own tools and scripts to implement project 
>> cleanup for their environments over and over again.
>> Regards,
>> Christian
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