[PTLs][release] Xena Cycle Highlights

helena at openstack.org helena at openstack.org
Mon Aug 30 15:40:19 UTC 2021

Hello Everyone!
The deadline for cycle highlights is just a few days away, on September 3 [1]. Please be sure to get those in. I look forward to seeing what all you all have accomplished this release!
How To Reminder:

Simply add them to the deliverables/$RELEASE/$PROJECT.yaml in the openstack/releases repo like this:
- Introduced new service to use unused host to mine bitcoin.
The formatting options for this tag are the same as what you are probably used to with Reno release notes.
Also, you can check on the formatting of the output by either running locally:
tox -e docs
And then checking the resulting doc/build/html/$RELEASE/highlights.html file or the output of the build-openstack-sphinx-docs job under html/$RELEASE/highlights.html.
Feel free to add Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo) as a reviewer on your patches.
Thanks :)

-Helena Spease (hspease)
[1] [ https://releases.openstack.org/xena/schedule.html ]( https://releases.openstack.org/xena/schedule.html )
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