[election][TripleO] James Slagle candidacy for TripleO PTL for Yoga

James Slagle james.slagle at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 12:13:46 UTC 2021

I'm submitting my candidacy for TripleO PTL.

I look forward to the opportunity to help the community as we tackle some
of our upcoming challenges — the transition to CentOS/RHEL 9, increasing
complexity around container management, and revisiting our commitments to
our adopted tooling.

I'd suggest that to assist with these efforts, we focus on our review
prioritization and in progress work streams. I would like to see folks
representing review priorities during the TripleO meeting and on an
etherpad.  I'd also like to see less parallel streams of work, with the
opportunity for more folks to collaborate on common priorities.

If elected as PTL, I would plan to organize the efforts around such an

Thank you for the consideration.


-- James Slagle
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