[ironic] Not running for PTL this cycle

Arne Wiebalck arne.wiebalck at cern.ch
Mon Aug 23 07:41:41 UTC 2021


The long list of added changes (major features as well as little
improvements inspired by real deployments), the increasing adoption
and interest, and a great community speak volumes how well Ironic
has evolved under your lead.

Thanks a lot for all the work and effort you put into Ironic
as the PTL during these last 7 cycles!


On 20.08.21 17:03, Julia Kreger wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> I know I've repeatedly stated over the last few PTGs and midcycle
> sessions that I wouldn't be running this cycle, but I also realized
> this morning I had not sent an email.
> I've served as Ironic's PTL for 7 cycles, and after three and a half
> years, it is far past time to step down for at least a cycle.
> Serving the community has been a privilege and an honor, and I'm not
> planning on going anywhere, but a single person can only take on and
> handle so much stress. Changes in leadership are also a good thing as
> it can bring fresh perspective and voices into a project.
> I encourage Ironic contributors to consider if they would like to
> serve as the PTL, and to go ahead and submit their candidacy to the
> elections repository.
> The only thing I ask is we remain mindful of the needs of the
> community. I'll be there to help, to guide, and resolve conflicts if
> necessary. Much as Dmitry, Jim, and Aeva did before me.
> -Julia

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