It's time to submit your OpenStack User Survey

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Thu Aug 19 19:25:36 UTC 2021

Hi everyone, 

Tomorrow is the last day to complete the user survey to be included in this round of analysis. Please tell all of your OpenStack teammates, customers and friends. <>


> On Jun 23, 2021, at 3:11 PM, Allison Price <allison at> wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
> Here’s my annual email requesting you complete the OpenStack User Survey [1] and share with your local communities / community friends who are operating OpenStack. Anonymous reposes and aggregated data from the User Survey are shared with the OPenStack PTLs and overall community to help understand operator software requirements. If you have never taken it before, please do! We welcome your feedback and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are one of the many who have, all of your previous information should be stored, so you will just need to provide updates where relevant and re-save. 
> Thank you all! 
> Cheers,
> Allison
> [1] <> 
> Allison Price
> Director of Marketing & Community 
> OpenInfra Foundation
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