list admins: my mails are not yet publishing to the list members ?

Thu Aug 19 00:58:59 UTC 2021

List admins/ Members,

I am new to openstack, so I subscribed to the openstack-discuss     mailing
list in my best belief that this is the right place for a newbe to ask
doubts and post errors which occurs during my learning stage with

If this is not the right place to seek help/ ask about doubts  regarding
openstack kindly direct me to the right place.

What ever mails I am sending to  openstack-discuss at
not even publishing to the mailing lists.

 last two weeks I have sent 5 to 6 emails with various errors I got while
importing VMs from other hypervisors to OpenStack.  I posted to
openstack-discuss at  but none of them got response from
list members.

Iam afraid that my emails are going to Spam or   am I not in the right
place sending those emails?   kindly correct me if I am wrong.

Best regards,
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