[keystone] Weekly meetings

Douglas Mendizabal dmendiza at redhat.com
Wed Aug 18 15:39:17 UTC 2021

Hi All,

I'm helping the Keystone team get the weekly meetings back on track. [1] 
  I'd like to propose a change to the meeting time slot from Tuesday at 
1700 UTC to Tuesday at 1500 UTC to make it a little earlier for our 
contributors in EMEA.

I'll be out next week, so I won't be available to chair the meeting, but 
I should be back the following week for the August 31 meeting.

If there are no objections to this time change, I'll go ahead and 
propose a change to the meetings repo.

- Douglas Mendizábal (redrobot)

[1] https://meetings.opendev.org/#Keystone_Team_Meeting

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