[rocky][cinder][lvm] VM LVM leakage to packstack host OS

Alan Davis alan.davis at apogee-research.com
Fri Aug 13 16:49:25 UTC 2021


 I have an issue with LVM on a rocky packstack installation where the LVM
constructs inside the VMs running on the server "leak" into the host OS LVM

Here's the listing of the errors from the OS:

[root at stack2 log(keystone_apg-project)]# pvs
  WARNING: Device for PV ILdbcY-VFCm-fnH6-Y3jc-pdWZ-fnl8-PH3TPe not found
or rejected by a filter.
  WARNING: Device for PV yZy8Xk-foKT-ovjV-0EZv-VxEM-GqiP-WH7k53 not found
or rejected by a filter.
  Couldn't find device with uuid ILdbcY-VFCm-fnH6-Y3jc-pdWZ-fnl8-PH3TPe.
  Couldn't find device with uuid yZy8Xk-foKT-ovjV-0EZv-VxEM-GqiP-WH7k53.
  PV         VG                   Fmt  Attr PSize    PFree
  /dev/md0   cinder-volumes       lvm2 a--    <9.10t    4.87t
  /dev/sdaa  pub_vg               lvm2 a--  <250.00g       0
  /dev/sdac  apg-git-encrypted_vg lvm2 a--   <30.00g       0
  /dev/sdah  encrypted_vg         lvm2 a--   <60.00g  <60.00g
  /dev/sdb2  centos_stack2        lvm2 a--    74.00g       0
  [unknown]  encrypted_vg         lvm2 a-m   <60.00g       0
  [unknown]  encrypted_vg         lvm2 a-m  <100.00g <100.00g

Here are the current cinder.conf lines that seem relevant:

# Type of LVM volumes to deploy; (default, thin, or auto). Auto defaults to
# thin if thin is supported. (string value)
# Possible values:
# default - <No description provided>
# thin - <No description provided>
# auto - <No description provided>
lvm_type = default

# LVM conf file to use for the LVM driver in Cinder; this setting is
ignored if
# the specified file does not exist (You can also specify 'None' to not use
# conf file even if one exists). (string value)
#lvm_conf_file = /etc/cinder/lvm.conf
# Suppress leaked file descriptor warnings in LVM commands. (boolean value)
#lvm_suppress_fd_warnings = false

I think there are several things going on here : duplicate VG names causing
LVM to see UUID/name conflicts and "leakage" of LVM data that cinder should
be managing to the OS level.

What do I need to change in my configuration to fix this and avoid problems
in the future?


Alan Davis
Principal System Administrator
Apogee Research LLC
Office : 571.384.8941 x26
Cell : 410.701.0518
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