Automating import of large numbers of VMs to OpenStack from other hypervisor environment

Thu Aug 12 01:23:24 UTC 2021

Hi list,

I am in the process of migrating 150+ VMs running on Rhevm4.1 to    KVM
based OpenStack installation ( Ussuri with KVm and glance as image storage.)

What I am doing now, manually shutdown each VM through RHVM GUI  and export
to export domain and  scp those image files of each VM to our OpenStack
controller node and uploading to glance and creating each VM manually.

query 1.
Is there a better way to automate this migration by any utility or scripts ?
Any one done this kind of automatic migration before what was your
approach?  Or whats the better approach instead of doing manual migration ?

Or only manually I have to repeat the process for all 150+ Virtual
machines?  ( guest VMs are  CentOS7 and Redhat Linux 7 with LVM data
partitions attached)

Kindly share your thoughts..

Query 2.

other than this 150+ VMs Redhat Linux 7 and Centos VMs  on Rhevm 4.1, I
have to migrate  50+ VMs  which hosted on hyperV.

What the method / approach for exporting from HyperV and importing to
OpenStack Ussuri version  with glance with KVM hpervisor ? ( This is the
ffirst time I am going to use hyperV, no much idea about export from hyperv
and Import to KVM)

  Will the images exported form HyperV(vhdx image disks with single disk
and multiple disk(max 3 disk)  VMs) can be directly imported to KVM ? does
KVM support this or  need to modify vhdx disk images to any other format ?
What is the  best approach should be in case of HyperV hosted VMs( Windows
2012 guest machines and Linux guest machines ) to be imported to KVM based
OpenStack(Ussuri version with glance as image storage ).

Thanks in advance

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