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Tony Pearce tonyppe at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 07:04:12 UTC 2021

I sent this mail last week looking for some insight with regards to a
magnum issue we had. I hadnt seen any reply and searched for my sent mail -
I found I did not complete the subject line. Sorry about that.

Resending again here with a subject. If anyone has any insight to this I'd
be grateful to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Tony Pearce

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Testing out Kubernetes with Magnum project, deployed via kayobe on Victoria
we have deployed an auto scaling cluster and have run into a problem and
I'm not sure how to proceed. I understand that the cluster tried to scale
up but the openstack project did not have enough CPU resources to
accommodate it (error= Quota exceeded for cores: Requested 4, but already
used 20 of 20 cores).

So the situation is that the cluster shows "healthy" and "UPDATE_FAILED"
but also kubectl commands are failing [1].

What is required to return the cluster back to a working status at this
point? I have tried:
- cluster resize to reduce number of workers
- cluster resize to increase number of workers after increasing project
- cluster resize and maintaining the same number of workers

When trying any of the above, horizon shows an immediate error "Unable to
resize given cluster" but magnum logs and heat logs do not show any log
update at all at that time.

- using "check stack" and resume stack in the stack horizon menu gives this
error [2]

Investigating the kubectl issue, it was noted that some services had failed
on the master node [3]. Manual start as well as reboot the node did not
bring up the services. Unfortunately I dont have ssh access to the master
and no further information has been forthcoming with regards to logs for
those service failures so I am unable to provide anything around that here.

I found this link [4] so I decided to delete the master node then run
"check" cluster again but the check cluster just fails in the same way
except this time it fails saying that it cannot find the master [5] while
the previous error was that it could not find a node.

Ideally I would prefer to recover the cluster - whether this is still
possible I am unsure. I can probably recreate this scenario again. What
steps should be performed in this case to restore the cluster?

kubectl get no
Error from server (Timeout): the server was unable to return a response in
the time allotted, but may still be processing the request (get nodes)

Resource CHECK failed: ["['NotFound: resources[4].resources.kube-minion:
Instance None could not be found. (HTTP 404) (Request-ID:
req-6069ff6a-9eb6-4bce-bb25-4ef001ebc428)']. 'CHECK' not fully supported
(see resources)"]


Failed Units: 3

[4] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1459854


["['NotFound: resources.kube_masters.resources[0].resources.kube-master:
Instance c6185e8e-1a98-4925-959b-0a56210b8c9e could not be found. (HTTP
404) (Request-ID: req-bdfcc853-7dbb-4022-9208-68b1ab31008a)']. 'CHECK' not
fully supported (see resources)"].

Kind regards,

Tony Pearce
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