WIndows VMs exporting toe KVM hosts : Once KVM host fails to boot the VM

Tue Aug 10 07:54:53 UTC 2021

I am migrating one Windows 12 VM from oVirt hypervisor.   The Windows image
is a single disk images.

I have two  KVM hosts running ..    I am successfully able to import the VM
to one of  our KVM host.  Windows VM is up and running able to login to the
Desktop environment.

But the same VM image I am trying in the second KVM host to launch it, its
not booting

Booting from Hard disk ......    / Its wait in this state for a long ( 20
minutes ) .

I tried to delete and create the VM again in the second KVM host, its
to  Booting from Hard disk ....    // No progress after this..

Any suggestions for troubleshooting? .

Does I have to execute any utilities and its out put required for trouble
shooting let me know.

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