[ops] Openstack Victoria SPICE configuration not working

number9 number9 at dimlight.org
Mon Aug 9 15:36:29 UTC 2021

On 2021-08-09 05:59, Stephen Finucane wrote:
> On Thu, 2021-08-05 at 12:25 -0500, number9 wrote:
>> I have posted this on stackexchange, but am also asking here:
>> Running openstack on Ubuntu 20.04 with a controller node and four
>> compute nodes. I am reading the instructions on configuring SPICE 
>> here.
>> I will admit, I found out about which packages to install from other
>> sites, as the instructions at the link do not actually list any 
>> software
>> that needs to be installed.
>>      On the compute nodes and controller, I installed nova-spiceproxy
>>      On the controller I installed nova-spiceproxy and spice-html5
> Not an answer, but as an aside SPICE support is poorly maintained in 
> nova and
> its usage not generally advised. It may be removed in a future release. 
> I would
> suggest relying on noVNC instead. With that said...

Hrm, I might try to go back to noVNC. I could never get that working 

>> I followed the instructions in the link on configuring
>> /etc/nova/nova.conf on the controller and all compute nodes.
> There's a typo here, but it shouldn't matter - that config option has 
> been
> replaced by the '[vnc] enabled' option below. The doc clearly needs an 
> update.
> As another aside, because virtually everyone seems to use an installer, 
> the
> actual install guides get very TLC and are subsequently prone to bitrot 
> :(
> However, the remote console doc at [1] was updated in recent releases 
> and should
> be relatively accurate.
> [1] 
> https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/admin/remote-console-access.html

I have been referencing the above doc. I am just noting that I was 
in redundancies as I never know what is really working in the configs 
there are differences from say one version to the next.

>> # yes, I know it is redundant, I am following the docs...
>> [vnc]
>> enabled = false
>> [spice]
>> enabled = true
>> agent_enabled = true
>> html5proxy_base_url =
>> # the above IP is the IP of the controller.
>> server_listen =
>> server_proxyclient_address =
> So I assume '' is address of the controller and 
> '' is
> the address of the compute node, yes? Is the former publicly accessible 
> from the
> same place you're browsing the web UX? I would assume not, given it's a 
> private
> network IP. If not, this needs to be updated. This is the value 
> returned from
> the API which is in turn used by Horizon iirc.

YES, the private internal IIP address scheme is what people hit horizon 
on. The clients are am on a private internal network.

> I suspect the issue is with the address used for '[spice] 
> html5proxy_base_url'.
> I would suggest using the 'openstack console url show' command to get a 
> URL to
> access the console without needing to invoke Horizon. If you're able to 
> access
> this URL then the issue is instead somewhere in Horizon. If not, it's 
> definitely
> nova. You can also enable debug-level logging for the 
> nova-spicehtml5proxy and
> nova-novncproxy services to ensure you're actually seeing a connection 
> from your
> browser.

I will check openstack console url show

It says I need a <server>, but no matter what I put in, I get "no server 
name or ID of that exists".

Huh, perhaps I am loosing my mind? I can login to horizon and spin up 
VMs, but this is blank:

openstack server list

As I was trying different server names on openstack console url show.

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