[kolla] Transitioning stable/queens to eol

Michał Nasiadka mnasiadka at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 11:24:47 UTC 2021


We've kept stable/queens branches of kolla and kolla-ansible around under
extended maintenance for a while now.
The coordinated Queens release was 28th Feb, 2018 (Kolla on 26th Mar, 2018).

The last time a change was backported to these branches has been a while:
- kolla
  stable/queens: Jun 8, 2020
- kolla-ansible
  stable/queens: Nov 3, 2019

There is no CI running for those projects periodically, last CI jobs have
been run:
- kolla - 24th Aug, 2020
- kolla-ansible - 17th Jun, 2020

All changes to those branches have been abandoned long time (and nothing
new proposed for at least a year):

So, I'd like to request that these branches be moved to end-of-life.

Patch proposed to add EOL tags to both kolla and kolla-ansible:

Michał Nasiadka
mnasiadka at gmail.com
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