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Fri Aug 6 12:18:19 UTC 2021

Octavia group,

I created this story to see if I could get some assistance on an Octavia issue I am having with my infra.  I did a vanilla install of Openstack Wallaby using the Kolla project with Octavia enabled and auto-configure set.  Everything appeared to install fine.  When I try to create a load balancer using the horizon console or the cli or through further installs such as cloudfoundry that require a loadbalancer, I get an error from glance about “No image found with tag amphora” even though the image does exist.  I hope it is something simple or an oversight on my part.  Could I get some ideas or places to look?



Kolla install followed:


cli output :

[root at kolla ~]# openstack image list --tag amphora
| ID                                   | Name                | Status |
| 8f7398e7-7912-43b8-8131-e90f21c91ab4 | amphora             | active |
| 9bf14389-8521-4fb7-a7db-925f4dea1bf3 | amphora-x64-haproxy | active |
[root at kolla ~]#

My Infra scripts (relevant):


I am admin of said infra so if anyone has time or availability (or interest) to log in and take a look I would be happy to provide creds.

Thank you for any time that you could provide or offer!
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