[openstack-ansible-modules] Openstack Ansible collections PTG session summary

Sagi Shnaidman sshnaidm at redhat.com
Wed Apr 28 11:43:49 UTC 2021

Hi, all
Highlights from Openstack Ansible collection/modules PTG session[1]

In the last cycle we had 68 commits, 3 released versions, 5 new
contributors, 14 solved issues.
The roadmap for next cycle:

All modules in Xena should convert SDK output to a dictionary to match last
SDK changes.
CI tasks:
1. Automatic release jobs
2. Docs generation and publishing jobs - docs.openstack.org and readthedocs
will be evaluated.
3. Gating jobs for projects starting to use the collections, like TripleO.

Bugtracker - to evaluate Launchpad for bugs and issues submission.
We continue to convert modules to use a standard OpenstackModule class.
Features coverage for Openstack Ansible modules would help us to see how
good we cover the current functionality.
It would be useful to have roles in collection which will run specific and
common tasks, which can be used by OPs easily. (Like Terraform "modules"
For fetching Openstack SDK logs during the tasks execution we may have a
specific role or/and OpenstackModule class modifications.
Ansible-test is used now for sanity testing only, we'll evaluate it for
integration tests next cycle.

[1] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/xena-ptg-os-ansible-collections
Best regards
Sagi Shnaidman
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