[Multi-arch SIG][sig][PTG] PTG Summary. Next meeting: May, 11.

Rico Lin ricolin at ricolky.com
Tue Apr 27 09:07:43 UTC 2021

Dear all

Before we starts, just like to notify that we're not running meeting this
week, but will run meeting at May, 11.
So please join and provide topics if you got any:

As we just have our PTG meeting last week, and I thank everyone who joins
our PTG session.
Here are some summaries from PTG:

   - Success to run full tempest tests on Arm64 env. What's next?
      - ML:
      - Job patch: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/devstack/+/708317
      - Job status:
      - actions:
         - propose to add swift arm64 UT job: Swift is one of services
         directly touch file system or basic storage services.
         - pushing forward for integrating Ceph with current CI job to test
         more similar to user's environment
         - tunning volume backup/restore on the current job:
            - we might try to use POSIX as volume backup backend to testing
            performance issue.
            - ricolin and kevinz will take action to run tests locally for
            - Also will try to switch to OSUOSL environment to check what
            kind of result we will face.
         - propose a periodic task for current CI job (once landed): as
         current job performance is not suitable for gating every patch set, I
         believe it will make sense to at least have a periodic job
running. After
         performance issue is fixed, we can consider adding gating job
or post-merge
         - We should also consider having multi-node job to test cross node.
      - SIG report (https://www.openstack.org/multi-arch-sig-report)
      - As general agreement that we definitely will generate report out to
      keep update the community with works related to multi-arch supports. Also
      hope to get use cases for share around.
      - We found some error in SIG report, but they are fixed now.
   - SIG video meeting
   - We discuss about the chances to run a video meeting. Once we have more
      material collected or topics ready.
   - Check libvirt 7 and cpu stuff
   - as libvirt 7 released this year, we should check if behavior changes:
         - There was code added for CPU features on migration
         - Need to check does 'cpu_mode' different than host-passthrough
         work now

Please reference our PTG etherpad for more detailed discussion:

*Rico Lin*
OIF Board director, OpenStack TC, Multi-arch SIG chair, Heat PTL,
Senior Software Engineer at EasyStack
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