[venus][ptg]Venus vPTG Summary April 2021

Liye Pang(逄立业) pangliye at inspur.com
Tue Apr 27 01:58:34 UTC 2021

Hi all,

    Thanks for all your participation! We've conducted the first meeting of
venus last week and it is successful.  

    Here's the summary of the topics we have discussed:


    *Progress in the past six months:

           - Develop devstack-based deployment for venus

           - Add log retrieval of modules such as vitrage

           - Develop the configuration, based on which you can retrieve the
chain log of the call


    *Next step:

           - Develop alarm task code to set threshold for the number of
error logs of different modules at different times, and provides alarm
services and notification services

           - The configuration, analysis  and alarm of Venus will be
integrated into horizon in the form of plugin.

           - Develop a deployment method based on kolla-ansible

           - (discuss)Summarize the log specifications of some typical
scenarios and develop them to venus

           - Evaluate whether to collect event data (considering usage,
pressure, etc.We will continue to discuss with the telemetry project team)



           - Many projects's log records are not standardized, so they can
only support full-text retrieval, not multi-dimensional analysis


    Full discussion (PTG etherpad): [1]

    Introduction of venus: [2] https://youtu.be/mE2MoEx3awM

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