[cyborg][ptg]Cyborg vPTG Summary April 2021

Wang, Xin-ran xin-ran.wang at intel.com
Sun Apr 25 09:55:41 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Please ignore my previous message, it is sent to wrong person. Sorry about this.

Thanks for all your participation! We've conducted a successful meeting last week.

Here is the aggregated summary from Cyborg vPTG discussion. Please check it out and feel free to feedback any concerns you might have.

We did a retrospective of Wallaby release, including:
    * We supports more operations supported for a VM with accelerator attached.
    * We introduced new drivers for Intel x710 NIC and Inspur's NVMe SSD Card.
    * We implemented a new configuration file allowing more flexible device configuration.

Topic discussion:
    Here's some major discussion and conclusion of Cyborg vPTG. For more details, please refer to the etherpad[1].

   * More nova operation supporting:
           - We prioritized the tasks: 1. suspend/resume. 2. cold migration. 3. live migration.
   * vGPU support:
           - We reached an internal agreement on whole workflow which can be apply as a generic framework for mdev device.
   * API enhancement:
           Some of the following items requires a new micro-version.
           -  Add refresh policy check for all APIs.
           -  Add device profile update API.
          - Add ARQ query by multiple instances API.
           -  Add disable/enable device API, this one requires a spec first.
           -  Enhance device profile show API with more information.
   * Cleanup issue:
           - This issue comes from the case where one compute node shutdown accidently, and the accelerator records
           in placement and cyborg DB remains as the orphaned resources. We agreed to implement a mechanism to clean
           up the orphaned resources, this one also need a spec.

[1] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/cyborg-xena-ptg

Xin-Ran Wang
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