[qa][heat][stable] grenade jobs with tempest plugins on stable/train broken

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Tue Apr 6 01:00:24 UTC 2021

Hello Everyone,

I capped stable/stein to use the Tempest 26.0.0 which means grenade jobs that
run the tests from tempest plugins started using the Tempest 26.0.0. But the constraints
used in Tempest virtual env are mismatched between when Tempest virtual env was created
and when tests are run from grenade or grenade plugins scripts.

Due to these two different constraint used, tox recreate the tempest virtual env which remove
all already installed tempest plugins and their deps and it fails to run the smoke tests.

This constraints mismatch issue occurred in stable/train and I standardized these for devstack based jobs
- https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:%2522standardize-tempest-tox-constraints%2522+status:merged

But this issue is occurring for grenade jobs that do not run the tests via run-tempest role (run-tempest role
take care of constraints things). Rabi observed this in threat grenade jobs today. I have reported this as a bug
in LP[1] and making it standardize from the master branch so that this kind of issue does not occur again when
any stable branch starts using the non-master Tempest.

Please don't recheck if your grenade job is failing with the same issue and wait for the updates on this ML thread.

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/grenade/+bug/1922597


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