[qa] Wallaby PTG Wrap-up and office hour was changed to Tue 1400 UTC

Masayuki Igawa masayuki.igawa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 22:56:28 UTC 2020


Thank you for attending our sessions!

We had discussed many things during the virtual PTG. Topics are the following.
And as we discussed our office hour office time 1 hour earlier than the
current time.
So, the office hour starts at 1400 UTC on every Tuesday.
    Mon: @ Juno
       Greetings and ordering the topics
       Victoria Retrospective
       Move back the single horizon test in tempest tree from tempest-horizon
       Add run_validation as a centralised point for Tempest scenario tests

    Tue: @Juno
       Patrole stable release
       Grenade: extending  the testing for zero downtime upgrade testing
       Use different guest image for gate jobs to run tempest tests
       Tempest Cred Manager proposed changes
       Tempest Scenario manager stable version brainstorming
       Bug triaging -> moved to the office hour
       Wallaby priority items

You can find the recording video files on the etherpad.

-- Masayuki Igawa

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