[tc][heat][tacker] Discusssion about heat-translater and tosca-parser maintenance

TAKAHASHI TOSHIAKI(高橋 敏明) ts-takahashi at nec.com
Fri Nov 27 13:15:51 UTC 2020


I'm a tacker team member.
I'd like to discuss how to maintain heat-translator[1] and tosca-parser[2] repositories.

These 2 repositories have not been updated so actively, but tacker often requires code updates for these repositories.
Recently, patch merge progress of tacker and these repo do not sometimes match, which affects the development of tacker.
For example, our some functional tests on zuul fail because these master codes are not updated.

Therefore, tacker members would like to take part more in these 2 developments.
Tacker members have already started code reviews, patch posts, etc.
If possible, we want some Tacker members to join the core team in the near future.

How about this?

[1] https://opendev.org/openstack/heat-translator
[2] https://opendev.org/openstack/tosca-parser


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