[ironic] [infra] Making Glean work with IPA for static IP assignment

Ian Wienand iwienand at redhat.com
Thu Nov 26 01:19:56 UTC 2020

On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 11:54:13AM +0100, Dmitry Tantsur wrote:
> # systemd-analyze critical-chain
> multi-user.target @2min 6.301s
> └─tuned.service @1min 32.273s +34.024s
>   └─network.target @1min 31.590s
>     └─network-pre.target @1min 31.579s
>       └─glean at enp1s0.service @36.594s +54.952s
>         └─system-glean.slice @36.493s
>           └─system.slice @4.083s
>             └─-.slice @4.080s
> # systemd-analyze critical-chain NetworkManager.service
> NetworkManager.service +9.287s
> └─network-pre.target @1min 31.579s
>   └─glean at enp1s0.service @36.594s +54.952s
>     └─system-glean.slice @36.493s
>       └─system.slice @4.083s
>         └─-.slice @4.080s

> It seems that the ordering is correct and the interface service is
> executed, but the IP address is nonetheless wrong. 

I agree, this seems to say to me that NetworkManager should run after
network.pre-target, and glean at enp1s0 should be running before it.

The glean at enp1s0.service is set as oneshot [1] which should prevent
network-pre.target being reached until it exits:

 oneshot ... [the] service manager will consider the unit up after the
 main process exits. It will then start follow-up units.

To the best of my knowledge the dependencies are correct; but if you
go through the "git log" of the project you can find some history of
us thinking ordering was correct and finding issues.

> Can it be related to how long glean takes to run in my case (54 seconds vs
> 1 second in your case)?

The glean script doesn't run asynchronously in any way (at least not
on purpose!).  I can't see any way it could exit before the ifcfg file
is written out.

> # cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp1s0

The way NM support works is writing out this file which is read by the
NM ifcfg-rh plugin [2].  AFAIK that's built-in to NM so would not be
missing, and I think you'd have to go to effort to manually edit
/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/99-main-plugins.conf to have it ignored.

I'm afraid that's overall not much help.  Are you sure there isn't an
errant dhclient running somehow that grabs a different address?  Does
it get the correct address on reboot; implying the ifcfg- file is read
correctly but somehow isn't in place before NetworkManager starts?


[1] https://opendev.org/opendev/glean/src/branch/master/glean/init/glean-nm@.service#L13
[2] https://developer.gnome.org/NetworkManager/stable/nm-settings-ifcfg-rh.html

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