[magnum] Can not deploy a cluster using Fedora CoreOS 32

monadt monadt at protonmail.com
Tue Nov 24 13:41:07 UTC 2020

I am trying to use Magnum on Openstack that was deployed using kolla-ansible.

The instance is completely private (so floating IPs are only accessible inside a VPN network) - not sure if this is a problem.

The deployment looks as follows:

Openstack Nodes: Ubuntu 20.04
Kolla-Ansible version: '10.1.0'
kolla_base_distro: "ubuntu"
openstack_release: "ussuri"

I could successfully deploy the required magnum services and created a cluster template using the magnum cli as follows:

openstack coe cluster template create kubernetes-cluster-template --image fedora-coreos-32 --external-network public-external --dns-nameserver --master-flavor m1.small --flavor m1.small --docker-storage-driver overlay --coe kubernetes

I am using the Fedora CoreOS 32 release (and uploaded the image like this):

openstack image create --disk-format=qcow2 --container-format=bare --file=fedora-coreos-32.20201104.3.0-openstack.x86_64.qcow2 --property os_distro='fedora-coreos' fedora-coreos-32

I made sure to set the os_distro as stated in the repository when using fedora coreos.

When I now try to create a cluster (openstack coe cluster create kubernetes-cluster --cluster-template kubernetes-cluster-template --master-count 1 --node-count 1 --keypair mykey) all the heat resources start spinning up, but the kube-masters resource will never come up.

While debugging it seems to hang during the following step inside the heat-container-agent:

+ '[' ok = ok ']'
+ kubectl patch node kubernetes-cluster-flfrufngma6x-master-0 --patch '{"metadata": {"labels": {"node-role.kubernetes.io/master": ""}}}'
error: no configuration has been provided, try setting KUBERNETES_MASTER environment variable
+ echo 'Trying to label master node with node-role.kubernetes.io/master=""'
+ sleep 5s
Trying to label master node with node-role.kubernetes.io/master=""

I also didn't find a way to set the KUBERNETES_MASTER environment variable from the outside.

I assume there is no other supported distribution given that Fedora Atomic and non-Fedora CoreOS do no longer exist?

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