[neutron][operators][all] Watch out for updates of stable/train and stable/stein releases in Neutron

Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson eandersson at blizzard.com
Tue Nov 24 22:37:45 UTC 2020

Does this affect Queens / Rocky as well? I saw that they got a patch related to this reverted a few days ago.

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I want to warn all of You about terrible mistake which we made in Neutron some time ago.
We backported to stable releases patch [1] which broke update workflow. So if You are now updating Your Stein or Train Neutron to latest version and You will do it as it should be done, so first neutron-server and then agents, Your neutron-ovs-agents will not work properly with newer neutron-server.
Details are in reported bug [2]

Broken versions are:
* for Train 15.2.0 and 15.3.0
* for Stein 14.3.1, 14.4.0 and 14.4.1

We proposed reverts of [1] and those reverts are now in gate. As soon as they will be merged we will release new, fixed versions for both Stein and Train.
So if You didn't update to those broken versions yet, please don't do it now and wait for next version with fix.

If You already updated and fixed that issue on Your clusters - You will have exactly same problem during next update again. I know it's very bad but unfortunately we don't have any other way to fix that issue.

[1] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://review.opendev.org/*/c/744133/__;Iw!!Ci6f514n9QsL8ck!15u_iIzQ-cPwno7OIj7ytuTQCHm8gkq6RnVO5dEhZqonxFOz-Brbri7Ly_T4RxwbZA$
[2] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/*bug/1903531__;Kw!!Ci6f514n9QsL8ck!15u_iIzQ-cPwno7OIj7ytuTQCHm8gkq6RnVO5dEhZqonxFOz-Brbri7Ly_T6u2Bf9w$ 

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