[neutron] Cannot deploy instance in provider network openstack Ussuri -- network fails

Pavlos Basaras pbasaras at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 10:11:55 UTC 2020


i am new to Openstack.

I have followed the instructions from
https://docs.openstack.org/install-guide/ to install openstack Ussuri where
i use a controller node and a compute node (i can ping each  other and
access the internet from both nodes through the mgmt iface).

I use ubuntu 18.04 for all components.

I have configured the network option 2, seems to work fine:

openstack network agent list
| ID                                   | Agent Type         | Host       |
Availability Zone | Alive | State | Binary                    |
| 2d8c3a89-32c4-4b97-aa4f-ca19db53b24f | L3 agent           | controller |
nova              | :-)   | UP    | neutron-l3-agent          |
| 413cd13d-88d7-45ce-8b2e-26fdb265740f | Metadata agent     | controller |
None              | :-)   | UP    | neutron-metadata-agent    |
| 42f57bee-63b3-44e6-9392-939ece98719d | Linux bridge agent | compute    |
None              | :-)   | UP    | neutron-linuxbridge-agent |
| 4a787a09-04aa-4350-bd32-0c0177ed06a1 | DHCP agent         | controller |
nova              | :-)   | UP    | neutron-dhcp-agent        |
| fdafc337-7581-4ecd-b175-810713a25e1f | Linux bridge agent | controller |
None              | :-)   | UP    | neutron-linuxbridge-agent |

If i try to bring up instances connected by an internal network, they are
successfully deployed.

When i use the provider network to bring up an instance with the command:
openstack server create --flavor m1.tiny --image cirros034 --nic
--security-group=5cf380e5-efb3-48b3-b8e9-095b1ebd817d provider-instance

the instance fails to be instantiated because the network cannot be

I noticed two points from the neutron-linuxbridge-agent.log file at the
compute node (the logs at the controller seem fine):

1) ERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.agent._common_agent
pyroute2.netlink.exceptions.NetlinkError: (13, 'Permission denied')
2) INFO neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.agent._common_agent
[req-816902d4-6581-49c1-939a-6ea69b437c99 - - - - -] Linux bridge agent
Agent out of sync with plugin!  -- not sure if this one is a problem.

One part that i am not sure is the following configuration since i am on
ubuntu 18 and not ubuntu 16:

# The provider network interface
iface INTERFACE_NAME inet manual
up ip link set dev $IFACE up
down ip link set dev $IFACE down

I did not include this part in my file since its ubuntu 18, and netplan
does not have an equivalent (i think) option. I have this netplan config

   enp0s8: --> mgmt
      dhcp4: false
      addresses: []
          addresses: [,]
    enp0s9: --> provider
      dhcp4: false

any advice?

all the best,
Pavlos Basaras
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