Failed to Create Virtual Instances for manila Service Due to neutron and nova Services

Victoria Martínez de la Cruz victoria at
Wed Nov 18 11:54:41 UTC 2020

A few things Ninad:

1. Can you SSH to other instances normally?
2. Have you checked the security groups to make sure you are enabling
traffic on port 22?
3. For your use case, do you really need to use DHSS=True? DHSS=False
scenarios are easier to handle and debug, so unless you have a specific
reason to use DHSS=True I'd suggest you change that option.



On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 2:29 PM ninad jadhav <ninorhce at> wrote:

> Sure, here it is.
> I don't understand why it is not allowing to SSH to
> regards,
> Ninad
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