Failed to Create Virtual Instances for manila Service Due to neutron and nova Services

ninad jadhav ninorhce at
Fri Nov 13 21:03:05 UTC 2020


I am trying to deploy OpenStack, using Openstack installation guide

I am able to launch self-service instance, but during manila(shared-file
System) creation I am getting share creation error as per manila-share.log
"SSH to default NFS server ( failed. I did all the necessary
steps required as per document provided but still not able to create
Instances. For Neutron Service I have used Linuxbridge (Networking Option
Following are the error logs and  configuration file for nova and neutron
services. As per my discussion with manila developer manila.conf file
looks fine but there is an issue with minimal deploy which allows to create
virtual machine but for further manila instance creation its failing due to
1. manila-share.log

2. nov-log for instance

2. controller - neutron all conf files

3.compute- neutron all .conf files

4.controller-nova .conf file
5. compute-nova .conf file

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