Cannot deploly an instance at a specific host --(no such host found) [nova]

Pavlos Basaras pbasaras at
Wed Nov 11 07:30:40 UTC 2020

Dear community,

i am new to openstack.

I have deployed devstack (on a virtual machine),  and I can
successfully deploy instances at the host where the controller is installed.

I followed the instructions from
to add a new compute host, in order to be able to deploy VMs at the PC.

Here is the output:

openstack compute service list --service nova-compute
| ID | Binary       | Host      | Zone | Status  | State | Updated At
|  3 | nova-compute | openstack | nova | enabled | up    |
2020-11-11T07:10:41.000000 |
|  5 | nova-compute | computenode      | nova | enabled | up    |
2020-11-11T07:10:42.000000 |

"computenode" is the new device that i added.

When i try to deploy an instance from cli:
openstack server create --flavor m1.tiny --image cirros034  --nic
net-id=internal --security-group c8b06902-6664-4776-a8e9-0735ae251d34
--availability-zone nova:computenode mym--debug

the reply i see from horizon is since there is an error in deploying the
No valid host was found. No such host - host: computenode node: None

any directions?

all the best,
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