[Manila] Bug Squash upcoming event on 19th Nov 2020

Vida Haririan vhariria at redhat.com
Tue Nov 10 14:42:08 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

Back by popular demand :) We are planning the next Bug Squash session
focusing on bugs that require API/DB changes as identified in Victoria

The event will be held all day on 19th Nov 2020, with a synchronous bug
triage call at 15:00 UTC using this Jitsi bridge [1].

A list of bugs targeted for the Wallaby Cycle are available for review [2].
Please Feel free to flag an existing bug on the list or add any bugs that
you plan on addressing early in the Cycle.

Your participation is much appreciated, and we look forward to you joining
us for this event.

Thanks in advance,


[1] https://meetpad.opendev.org/ManilaW-ReleaseBugSquash
[2] https://ethercalc.openstack.org/birpr9a6bd0b
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