[swift]: issues with multi region (swift as backend for glance)

fsbiz at yahoo.com fsbiz at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 23:45:23 UTC 2020

Hi folks,
We're on queens release. 
We have just setup a 2nd region.  So, now we have two regions regionOne and regionTwo
We had a storage cluster in regionOne. Everything works good.We also added another storage cluster in regionTwo and have created swift endpoints for this.Using swift API, everything works fine.  The container is properly created in regionOne or regionTwo asdesired.

We are also using swift as the glance backend.  We are seeing an issue with this for regionTwo.When I create an image in regionTwo, it seems like the glance storage backend is not properly recognizingthe endpoint and wants to store the image in regionOne.
This looks like a definite bug.I can work around it by overriding the endpoint using swift_store_endpoint but if there is a known bugabout this issue I would rather patch it than resort to overriding the URL endpoint returned from "auth".
Is this a known bug ?  Again, we are on the latest Queens release.
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